Jason was born and raised in the Kansas City area.  He believes that the experiences he shared during this time provided great insight to the wide variety of challenges facing our urban, suburban and rural citizens.  Jason has said, "I feel personally invested within the urban and surrounding rural community. I believe as citizens of the Heartland, we have great determination and resolve to better our current situation and Restore America’s Promise."

Jason completed his undergraduate degree in Social Science Education from Northwest Missouri State University.  This is also where he met his future wife, Kristin.  During this time he received the opportunity to work under the Department of Veteran Affairs with the National Veterans Business Development Corporation.  This gave him the humbling priviledge to find new ways to support our veterans and honor their sacrifice.

Living and working within a rural community while completing his undergraduate degree, provided him with a great contrast to urban life. This opportunity helped him better understand rural perspectives and challenges.

After returning to Kansas City, Jason began and finished his graduate work within Political Science from the University of Missouri Kansas City.  During this time, he focused his work on the influence of international and domestic economies within the political sphere.  His belief in liberty and free market solutions were even further solidified after observing and examining the economic and political harms of government institutions.

For the past several years, Jason has taught Social Studies and coached within the Raytown community.  "I enjoy my career immensely, and that is in part why I am seeking office." said Jason. "From my perspective as an educator, I have witnessed many harms of good intended federal policy leaving very little or no results.  An invisible ceiling on families leaving them nothing but hope, lack of educational or employment opportunity for parents and their children.  A destruction of constitutional liberty in the name of political convenience have all left me to wonder not only what kind of America will there be for our children, but if America will lead the 21st century."    

In order for America to move forward, we need new voices to stand up and fight for sound economic growth and liberty.  Jason is just that type of candidate with the ability, knowledge and passion to represent real change in Washington.